The first principle (Step) of all 12 Step programs is Honesty. (And, with it, acceptance.)
For me, as I sense inside now, it means taking off the mask.
From behind the mask, the world is dark, thick, foggy. I cannot see clearly (denial).
The mask’s intention is to protect me, but it is really disconnecting me — from myself, from others, from belonging.
From the outside, people only see the mask. There is no real relationship.
Practicing Honesty slowly grows a new me, an adult me — as I shed the “mask” of all my learned defenses and dysfunctional patters of thinking, feeling, and behaving. With the help of others, of course! I cannot do this alone. It is a “We” Program within a spiritual dimension.
Invitation to myself: Practice the solution (my Program) so that I can step out of the swirling inner storms. Step through the hole in the atmosphere (clarity, honesty) and step INto the new world of Recovery.
Just for today (and for this month), I am willing to be honest. 🙂
To be honest, I pause to sense inside to wait for and discover my truth. I share this vulnerably.
As the mask comes off, I FEEL. I see. I hear. I am seen.
(If I can survive the terror of being seen, I will find that I love and am loved. There is no need to hide.)
What comes from inside you, as you sense into your felt meaning of “Honesty?”
Thanks for listening.
Happy New Year.
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